Thursday, December 13, 2012

Isadora and Kiriko...and The Most Expensive Cat Toy Ever Made!

Two kitties as opposite as can be. Isadora is the outgoing one. The lover. So happy to welcome any new friends into her home. Her best buddy, Kiriko is the shy one. Likes to hide a lot and does it well. This is a ninja kitty. She can see you, but you can't see her. Though once she feels comfortable with you, she'll come out and let you pet her, it just has to be on her terms. Isadora on the other hand, will turn into your shadow. She loves to follow you around the house, eager for attention. Quite the little diva, that one. She'll chase you up and down the stairs at speeds that you wouldn't believe a cat had possible! Her landings are less than graceful, usually involving some kind of impact with the bookshelf. But she just shakes it off and goes after you all over again!

                           Ninja kitty is watching...                            Please pet me! Why don't you pet me?

These two may be very different kitties indeed, but they love each other a whole lot...and if nothing else, they can agree on one thing -- they love their IPad. That's right, these two have an IPad. 

Well, it's not actually THEIRS, per se...but their owner's. At least, that's what they let him think. Isadora and Kiriko have a fun game that they love to play on the IPad. Sure, most kitties enjoy a ball of yarn, a catnip toy, or even a feather on a stick, but these two like to dominate on a high-tech game that all the coolest cats play. Check out Isadora as she demonstrates the latest in cat toy technology...!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Found Animals Foundation Launches ‘12 Pets of Christmas’ Program

When most folks go to an animal shelter, they're often looking for a puppy, a kitten or a purebreed. But that leaves a lot of other animals alone and looking for someone to give them a loving home. The good people over at the Found Animals Foundation are trying to solve that problem during this holiday season and they're running the "12 Pets of Christmas" promotion to help these unfortunate souls find a place of their own.

Many of the animals that are often left behind at shelters include adult cats older than nine months, large dogs that weigh more than 40 lbs, black pets, animals with medical needs, senior or overweight pets, shy animals, certain breeds such as Chihuahuas, Chihuahua mixes and Pit Bulls, exotic pets like birds and reptiles and so-called "bonded pairs", in which two animals must be adopted together for fear that one could become ill or infirm without the other's presence. These animals are often overlooked by people looking to adopt a pet, so to help them find a home, the Found Animal Foundation is offering discounts on their already low adoption fees when you choose to rescue one of these types of hard to place animals.

Print out a coupon at for discounts of up to $30 on cats, $40 on dogs and 50% off fees for adopting an exotic animal (up to $40). Just bring the coupon in to a participating shelter at one of the following Found Animal Foundation locations: Agoura, Baldwin Park, Carson, Castaic, Downey, Lancaster, North Central, South Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, East Valley, West Valley, Harbor, Long Beach Animal Care Services, AV Pet Stop, spcaLA, spcaLA South Bay Pet Adoption Center and the SEAACA/Cat Adoption Center. 

These animals just want a home for the holidays and with these discounted rates, it's easier than ever to welcome a new loving companion into your life. If you are looking for a new pet, won't you consider bringing home one of the "12 Pets of Christmas"?