Thursday, October 25, 2012

The LA Hotlist...we've been nominated!!

We need your help everybody!

The LA Hotlist over at is in full swing and your humble little dog walkers of PCWT have been nominated in two categories! Now that's pretty cool. I guess we're doing something right!

But wait a sec...what is the LA Hot List you ask? Why it's only the creme de la creme of the best businesses, eateries, museums and more that Los Angeles has to offer. Best of all, it's voted on by the people; the citizens of this great city that we live in, the tastemakers who move the needle. We're honored to even be included in the conversation, but hey let's be honest...we want to win!

So we turn to you, our faithful clients, to let Los Angeles know who the big dogs are around here!

Here's the deal, we've been nominated for the following categories: Best Dog Walker and Best Pet Sitting.

All we need now is for each and every one of you to vote for Paws, Claws, Wings, and Things in both categories. You'll need to sign up but it really only takes a few seconds (believe me, I know, anytime someone tells me that, the first thing I want to do is forget about it...but it really is quick!) Once you're in, just click in your vote and that's it! You can leave a comment afterwards which is called a "tip", telling them why and how we're the best in town. But you don't need to, it's all up to you!

Just click this link: to get started. We think we're the best, we hope you will go to the link and tell all of L.A. what YOU think.

I voted. Now it's your turn!