Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bogart and Meli Pea - Two Good Buddies

One look at them and you'd think you were looking at two characters in a Walt Disney film. The hound and the golden retriever. Two unlikely friends at first, but once they see each's playtime!

They love to spend time together at the dog park. It doesn't matter how many other dogs are there, these two play together like they're the only ones in the park. They rarely ever play with anyone else. Even when other dogs try to get in on the action, they're largely ignored by Bogart and Meli.

Their favorite game involves pinning each other down, trying to grab an ear or a lip until the other cries uncle. It looks vicious but they're actually very gentle with one another. You can tell they really love one another.

But whichever one of them gets on doesn't last long as the tables are soon turned.

These two could play like this for hours and hardly get tired. But when they finally do call it quits, it's usually not until they're both nice and dirty. Rolling around in all that dirt and mud until they decide that the game is over. They're both too evenly matched. And then like the two fierce competitors that they are, full of respect and admiration for one another...they congratulate each other on their performance in the day's game.

Good game out there today. 
You too. 

 Ready to do it all again soon. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wally and Bruley -- Your Friendly Neighborhood Squirrel Patrol

Walking with these two, you get a sense of the dedication they have to keeping their neighborhood safe from the criminal underworld of squirrels that exist in many different areas of Southern California. If you don't know what I'm talking about...well, that's just how this network of sinister fuzzy tailed menaces prefers it.

But these two valiant canines are on the case. It's tough out there on the street. The squirrel is a wily adversary, always on the move and hiding in places where you least expect. Wally and Bru know how squirrels think, how they act, where they hide. To an unsuspecting dog walker who isn't familiar with the constant struggle between these two foes, things can get a little hairy. This is no place for an amateur.

The patrol unit sniffing for clues. 

Word had gotten around that a particularly sinister squirrel had been spotted in the area, and so courageous Wally and Bruley began their investigation. Looking high and low, they sniffed around looking for a hot tip. But this squirrel was a clever one and he was determined to best our dynamic duo.

We walked the beat, asking the good citizens of West Hollywood if they had seen or heard anything. But no one was talking. Perhaps they were scared. Had they been intimidated? Did the squirrel get to them before Wally and Bru could? No one was forthcoming. But that didn't hinder these two.

They don't give up that easy. So we pounded the pavement some more. Checking for any evidence of the squirrel's whereabouts. Broken nutshells, tail fur that had been left behind. But squirrels are very careful not to leave behind a trail. The boys looked high and low for any indication there had been squirrel activity. 
But there was none. Frustration started to set in. Maybe the squirrel had already beat it out of here. 

Until...a sighting! The squirrel they were looking for had made one false move...and the CHASE WAS ON!

I could barely keep up as Wally and Bru rushed after that pesky squirrel! Alas, the little troublemaker proved too quick and crafty for our patrol unit. Finding solace in a tall tree, this day went to the squirrel. He sat there, smug, looking down at our brave soldiers. 

Wally and Bruley had no choice. They had to let him go. They had nothing incriminating on him anyway. The bust would have just been thrown out of court. No, these two had to wait and catch him red handed. 

Until next time. The boys walked off and the squirrel just laughed at him. His little squirrel laugh resonating in all of our ears as we left.

You win this round Mr. Sinister Squirrel. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emergency Preparedness is for everyone…including your pets!

There’s been a small rash of earthquakes here in Southern California, so that got us thinking about making an Emergency Supply Kit for your pets. You’ve got a kit and a plan for you and your family, but what about your furry loved ones? Some folks may not even think their pets would need a kit, much less know where to start to put one together or even how. Well, the good people at FEMA have some helpful guidelines to follow for getting your pet’s kit ready to go in case of an emergency.

First off, think about what you’ve put in your survival kit. It’s all about the basics – food, water, medications. The essentials needed to maintain routine daily life. It’s the same thing for your pets; store about three days worth of food in a sealed container. Don’t rely on the water you’ve set aside for yourself to keep your pet hydrated. Make sure you have three days worth of water exclusively for your pets, in addition to what you have stored for you and your family. Medications are pretty self-explanatory and make sure you keep them in a cool, dry place. Once you’ve got those squared away, be sure to include a leash, harness and ID tags as well. You’ll also want to have your pet’s crate or carrier ready on a moment’s notice in case evacuation is necessary. Also be sure to include a litter box and litter, as well as bags, newspapers and paper towels to clean up after your pet. Household bleach is a good idea to help keep things hygienic and it can also help purify water if such a need arises. FEMA also suggests you keep a photo of you and your pet together, for identification purposes in the event you become separated.  It’s the easiest way to describe your pet’s visual characteristics to help others assist you in finding your lost animal. Finally, just as children find comfort in a trusted toy or stuffed animal, your pet’s stress can be alleviated through the things that bring them solace. Toys, bedding, treats; any of the things that make your pet happy should be added to the kit to help them feel safe in times of turmoil.

Next, make a plan in the event something happens. You’ll need to know how to round up your pet or pets and have a destination in mind if you have to leave your home. Obviously, you want to bring your pet with you in the event of an evacuation, but keep in mind some shelters may not allow you to bring animals with you. So have a contingency in place, a friend or relative who would be willing to house your pets when they have nowhere else to go. Boarding kennels are also a good option. Wherever it may be, make sure you have the option in place ahead of time, before something catastrophic occurs instead of after. In case you have to leave your pets at your residence, arrange to have someone who can visit, care for, or possibly even evacuate them while you are gone. Establish meeting areas both in your local neighborhood and beyond for your appointed care-takers to meet you if trouble arises.

Finally, stay informed. Know what types of emergencies could affect your region and be aware of evacuation procedures designated by your state and local governments. Always be ready by going to to learn more about emergency preparedness for both you and your pets.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

And the Oscar goes to...Bogart!

Much like the actor who shares his namesake; Bogart knows when a good performance pays off and while Bogey only won a single Academy Award for his performance in The African Queen, this dog gets the accolades he seeks every time he goes for a walk.  

You see, Bogart is a master thespian in the art of playing dead. Not that he does it for your gratification mind you…it’s all about him. Usually when he has no interest in walking any further, this floppy-eared hound will simply fall over in the grass and refuse to budge. Dead weight. No further, thank you. I’m done. Like many a difficult actor before him, Bogart simply will not take any direction until his needs are met. This often means one good long scratch of his belly. Then he’s all yours…